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Dramatically drop your leaker rate at least 20% and save lots of cash, one plant saved $250,000



We performed a comparison for one of the country’s largest meat packing plants, here are the key points to note:



  • They were using a patch bag (bone guard bag), experiencing a 22% leaker rate


  • Switched to a less expensive bag and used bone cover


  • Leaker rate dropped to 1%


  • Cost of 15’ X 25” bone guard patch bag was $1.19 (with a 22% leaker rate...ouch!)


Here are the details on how $250K was saved


  • The bone guard bag they were using cost $1.19 each


  • The cost of our standard 15” X 25” shrink bag is $0.39


  • The cost of Triune Bone Cover, 9” X 34” is $0.28


  • Total packaging cost in $0.67 (.39 + .28 = .67)


  • That is a savings of $.52 per package which is an impressive 45%


This plant has now reduced its packaging cost for the short ribs by over $250,000 per year!



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