Triune’s Super Soaker® Pad for all meats, save big time!

Triune Enterprises in partnership with Ace Pack Pacific brings to you the most revolutionary soaker pads ever!


1. The use of our new Super Soaker® Pads will dramatically decrease your packaging costs.

2. Triune Super Soaker ®Pads use the latest absorption technology on the market.

3. Triune Enterprises is a leader in packaging innovation with name brand recognition across U.S. and around the world.

4. We have been in manufacturing for over 20 years providing value added solutions for the entire meat industry.

5. Our Super Soaker® pads are guaranteed to absorb 15% above the rated absorption over any competitor.

6. With more guaranteed absorption using Triune Super Soaker® Pads, you’ll be able to use less soaker pads for difficult cuts of meat. Now that’s cutting your packaging costs BIG TIME.

7. Super Soaker®Pads will not only hold more liquid but under pressure will not release absorbed juices back into the packaging.

8. An attractive presentation that stays dry and extends shelf life keeps products looking top notch, presentable and sellable.

9. Bloody soaker pads lead to poor customer perception. For your benefit, we offer a soaker pad that’s white on top and colored on the absorbent side (IE; White/Brown, White/Black, White/Yellow).

10. Can be integrated into any packaging format.


• FDA, EU and H.A.C.C.P. compliant • Strong welds on all ends of soaker pads, tested up to 350 LBS of pressure • Designed to absorb only excreted juices, keeping internal moisture in meat

  1. Amazing flexibility using, Triune Super Soaker Pads

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