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Waxed Bone Cover


Reduce your costs by  50% and leakers to 1% or less!

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Ultra Clear Bone Guard

All the Bone Cover protection you want at the clarity and price you deserve

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Ultra Clear EU

An EU approved Clear Bone Guard that provides protection perfect for sous vide cooking

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Triune Enterprises is the world leader in manufacturing Bone Guard products. Our product goes around bone-in pieces of meat to prevent bones from coming through their outside packaging.

What Does This Mean To Meat Processors??


– Reduced leaker rates by up to 50%

– Reduction of plastic waste from bags that fracture in-line

– Reduction of claims on spoiled meat for transportation leakers

– Reduction of film thickness of outside packaging to save you money $$$$$$$

Here are the details on how $250K was saved

  • The bone guard bag they were using cost $1.19 each
  • The cost of our standard 15” X 25” shrink bag is $0.39
  • The cost of Triune Bone Cover, 9” X 34” is $0.28
  • Total packaging cost in $0.67 (.39 + .28 = .67)
  • That is a savings of $.52 per package which is an impressive 45%

This plant has now reduced its packaging cost by over $250,000 per year on just one problem Bone In Line!

We proudly manufacture all products in the United States

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