PVC Clear Bone Guard

The Clear Bone Guard You’ve Been Waiting For At The Price…You’ve Also Been Waiting For

PVC Clear Bone Guard is the product quality you have come to expect from Triune’s line of offerings with the unparalleled customization and quick lead times you need as a meat processor.

Available in all widths from 3″ up to 18″ and FREE perforations for a wide variety of lengths, PVC Clear Bone Guard is THE premier Bone Guard option when clarity cannot be compromised.

PVC Bone Guard is essential for the following projects:

–Retail/Mail Order Steaks

–Marrow Bones to be further processed for bone broth

–E-Commerce Bone-In Products

–Aggressive Bone-In Cuts For Steak Provisioners

When clarity can’t be compromised- Turn to Triune’s Ultra Clear Bone Guard

Take A Look At How Easy Ultra Clear Bone Guard Is To Apply To Bone-In Pieces

Ultra Clear Bone Guard Is Revolutionary

Let us show you how you can present your product in a stunning way and put money in your pocket


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