Triune Waxed Bone Cover

Reduce your costs by up to 50% and leakers to 1% or less using Triune’s Waxed Bone Cover®


Bone Cover will reduce your packaging cost by 45% when using the so-called Bone Guard bags.

Our BONE COVER will lower your leaker rate to 1% or less.

Available in perforated and continuous rolls or individual sheets.

Triune’s Patented Bone Cover means unparalled quality and performance on the toughest cuts of meat 

Triune manufactures all products under strict HAACP Guidelines and is Kosher and Passover Certified


Why Waxed Bone Cover??

-Product is quick and easy to apply with perforation available in custom length and width

-Product can be customized to your meat packaging line to help speed throughput and production

-A reduction in leakers means less cash in the trash, safe product shipped to you clients at a fraction of the price

See our product pictures and video below and let us know how we can serve your packaging line needs

See Triune’s Waxed Bone Cover In Action Below:
Waxed Bone Cover Prevents Packaging Failures
Waxed Bone Cover On Tomahawks